Digimon Information
Gender: Female
Digivolves from: Kyubimon
Digivolves into: Sakuyamon


Taomon is Renamon's Ultimate form. Taomon's dress style, including the long hat and the robes she wears, is based upon the religion Taoism. Taomon fights by summoning various spells and weapons to help her harness the powers of the magical energy that flows through the universe.


HP 190 | Attack 90 | Defence 90 | Special Atk 100 | Special Def 100 | Speed 80

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
45 Talisman of Light 180 75% Light
46 Thousand Spells 170 Nature
45 Talisman Star 160 100% Nature
45 Talisman Spell 190 100% Nature

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