Pegasusmon is the Champion form of Patamon after using the Digi-Egg of Hope.

Digimon Information
Type(s): Beast
Gender: Male ♂
Digivolves from: Patamon + Digi-Egg of Hope


Pegasusmon is a strong and fast beast Digimon with the ability to summon the power of light at will. Pegasusmon can fight well on both on the ground and in aerial combat making Pegasusmon a combat specialist.


HP 100 | Attack 70 | Defence 60 | Special Atk 90 | Special Def 60 |Speed 70

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Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
15 Star Shower 85 100% Light
20 Mane of Wind 105 90% Air
24 Flying Hope 120 90% Light

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