Gallantmon/Crimson Mode
Digimon Information
Type(s): Savior Digimon
Gender: Male ♂
Digivolves from: Gallantmon + Grani


In this mode, Gallantmon is a his full power. He has combined with Grani granting him wings, while unlocking his true potential.


HP 300 | Attack 225 | Defence 225 | Special Atk 225 | Special Def 225 |Speed 150

Ability ListEdit

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
100 Final Justice 370 100% Light
100 Celestial Blade-Crimson Mode 320 100% Fire
100 ZERO-MAX Blast 350 80% Fire
100 Crimson Shiled 330 80% Fire


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